Create a warm, supportive and stimulating school environment in which children feel happy, safe and secure, and are eager to learn.

1. Develop positive relationship founded on mutual trust, respect and by good example

2. Ensure all pupil's are encouraged and supported in reaching their potential as learners.

3. Provide all children with a broad, balanced curriculum relevant to their needs and abilities.

4. Develop children as caring, sensitive and tolerant individuals who have a clear understanding of right and wrong.

5. Have high expectations of all children in terms of learning and behaviour.

6. Value all children equally, upholding their rights regardless of gender, ability, disability, colour or race.

7. Serve the community well, encouraging and welcoming support and interest and inspiring confidence in the work of the school.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Designing LCIS into a World Class Education

Mission: Helping Our Students to unlock their Potential