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LCIS is proud to announce 100% results of it’s THIRD BATCH of students in the Class X CBSE Board Examinations 2023-24. The school Management and Principal congratulate all its students and teachers on their dedication, hard work, and outstanding results! | Discover Yourself At LCIS School – A School of opportunity! Admissions Open NURSERY TO GRADE X

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Academic philosophy

The aim of Lalith Castle International School is to provide students with a positive, inclusive, learning environment in which they have every opportunity to achieve their full potential. The school believes in the attainment of academic excellence but also firmly believes in the education of the whole person as well as education for life. Our concern is for the students’ physical, moral, aesthetic, artistic, social, emotional, and academic development.

In practice, we believe this will be realized through a wide range of opportunities and challenges, and that the mastery of fundamental skills goes hand -in- hand with the freedom to create and explore.

Lalith Castle International School, recognizes that every child is unique and brings qualities from birth that can all be directed in a positive and acceptable direction. We respect each child as an individual with their own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, interests, temperament, strategies and learning pace in a safe, happy, free, caring and respectful environment.

Therefore our curriculum provides a blend of free-play and carefully structured activities to teach early concepts. Activities throughout the day are planned that enable children to make choices.

This element of choice, allows the children to develop skills at their own pace with the appropriate assistance of the teacher. The necessary ingredients to reach these goals includes time, patience, and a shared vision held by all involved in the school community.

C0-Curricular Activities:

School activities play a significant part in the development of students. Co-curricular activities have become a fundamental part of school life and aides in improving students learning at school. These activities are mandatory & necessary for every student to participate. Co-curricular are structured and balanced with the scholastic educational/ academic curriculum so that every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond studies. Co-curricular activities are intended to bring social & intellectual skills, moral, cultural & ethical values, personality development, and character advancement in students. It includes athletics, social occasions, Library activities, science lab activities, classroom (study hall) activities, creative arts, meditation, and so on.

Parents as Partners

A parent's role in their child’s education

  • Parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home is critical part of children's education.
  • Parents are the first and continuing educators of their children.
  • Research has shown that parental engagement has a positive impact on many indicators of student achievement, including better social skills, improved behaviour, better adaptation to school and efficacy for learning.
  • Lalith Castle International School believes in a holistic partnership between the home and school. By working together, faculty and parents can create and impart a high- quality educational program for children.

The benefits of extracurricular activities:

Better Physical & Mental health

These types of activities require students to stay active by active participation in some co-curricular activities. Since they have no chance to skip these as it’s a part of their daily curriculum. Studies have shown that students pursuing some or other hobbies get better results in their studies.

Sense of Responsibility & Confidence

When at an early stage of life, children are given tasks of responsibility to handle; they become much better in handling these types of odd situations in their later life too. This fosters a sense of self-confidence, accountability & responsibility within them.

Development of Special Skills

Co-curricular activities improve the learning experiences of students, help them identify and develop their inner talents like creative & public-speaking skills, leadership qualities, etc. Co-curricular activities offer them an opportunity of thinking unusually and getting the innovative ideas of their own. These activities help the students develop an enriched learning experience by providing them a chance of imagining new ways of solving an issue or answering a question.

Exposure to New Activities

Students are introduced to a wide range of activities that give them better strength while letting them choose what they wish to learn what they enjoy. Co-curricular activities in LCIS help students sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation, and sense of belongingness through different types of activities like debates, extempore, recitation. Art and craft competitions, classroom activities like reading, group discussions, and many more. This ultimately helps in developing their overall personality. As some students are unable to outperform in the classroom, but they are also superb athletes, musicians, players, etc.

School Events

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