Mr. Harish B.A

Dean's Message

Welcome to Lalith Castle International School, this school started in the year 2013 with a commitment to excellence in Education.

LCIS was started as a dream - a dream envisioned by our Founder Members with a large vision. Education at LCIS goes beyond the letters in the page of a textbook, and students emerge as confident young individuals, ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. We inspire our students to question and learn by doing, we give them the skills, courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their own dreams. In doing so, our students develop into confident, creative and caring adults who pursue interesting and challenging careers.

LCIS prides itself on the quality of its educational programmes, the professionalism of it staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the high level of support provided by parents.

LCIS provides excellent facilities and a wide range of high quality extracurricular activities through which children develop a healthy sense of co-operation and competition as well as enjoying their social, sporting and cultural interests.

Creates a warm supportive and simulative school environment in which children feel happy, safe & secure are eager to learn. I am honored to be the part of LCIS Family.

OUR MOTTO Learn……………..Consolidate…………………….Integrate……………………….Succeed.

Yours’ Sincerely

Mr. Harish B.A